Traditional Above-Ground Pool vs. Above-Ground Exercise Swimming Pool

Swimming is not only an entertaining form of exercise for people of all ages, but it also constitutes a great way to maintain and improve the strength of your muscles, the health of circulatory system and the robustness of the ligaments.

What Are Your Options?

However, when we decide to purchase a pool, most of us only take into account the conventional in-ground ones and the best above ground pools. For various reasons, starting with the financial considerations and ending with the space limitations of the yard, neither of these two options is feasible.

Granted, the above-ground pools are less expensive, come in numerous sizes and shapes, are easier to install and require less maintenance. On the other hand, opting for a really small above-ground pool in order to meet the space restrictions of your backyard can seriously impact the quality of your swimming. You would be forced to decelerate just when you were picking up a bit of speed and switch your swimming direction frequently because the distance between the rims of the pool is low. In turn, this generates a sense of discontinuity and takes most of the fun out of your water exercising.

Best above ground pool

Is There a Better Alternative?

Infinity PoolYes, in fact there is. The new concept introduced by companies like FitMax Inc. that is referred to as “endless pool” or “infinity pool” can easily resolve your low available space problem as well as the financially-exhausting issue.

These exercising pools are affixed with resistance systems that permit users to swim against an adjustable opposing force (currents, elastic bands, etc.), therefore maintaining their position. Because your body is not actually moving from its spot even though you continue to swim forward, there is no need for the pool to have an extensive length.

Furthermore, in addition to the standard resistance system, the exercising pools are equipped with various exercising gadgets like bars and presses that allow the swimmer access to numerous muscle-training modalities.

Traditional Above Ground Pools vs. Exercise Pools in Terms of Convenience

From a broad perspective, the exercise pools or endless pools/infinity pools are definitely superior in terms of convenience. Not only do they permit an excitingly wide array of water-based activities via their training equipment, but are also easy to set up and take down. The intuitive mechanics make the installation a DIY job and the comprehensive manuals eliminate the need for all-embracing technical knowhow. However, it is also necessary to point out that the straightforward installation enables you to move them anywhere you want and even take them with you on a camping trip. How’s that for convenience?

Safety Issues Comparison between Standard Pools and Exercise Pools

Although it’s much more difficult to injure yourself in an above-ground pool compared to an in-ground one due to the fact that the former models are typically shallower, neither is completely risk free. Exercise pools are not foolproof either, but they do come equipped with safety mechanisms (harnesses for example) that minimize all risks involved and can even permit smaller children to swim unsupervised once they learn the ropes, so to speak. However, following the safety guidelines mentioned in the instruction manual is mandatory.

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Price Considerations for the Above Ground Pools and the Exercise Pools

As previously mentioned, not only will you spend a fraction of the price proprietary to a standard-size above ground pool if you opt for an exercise pool, but you will also save money in the long run. The operating costs, the maintenance, the power and water consumption, etc. are all considerably lower in the case of the latter pools. However, the endless exercise pool is less durable, meaning that it will have to be changed yearly for the best results. On the other hand, you will still have to invest a lot less than for the conventional above-ground pool.

Final Thoughts

With exercise swimming pools excelling in every criteria – convenience, portability, safety and costs – they can be regarded as the best option available for water enthusiasts who lack the finances/space for a traditional pool and not only. However, considering that the concept it relatively new on the market and only a few companies produce endless or infinity pools, it is advisable to purchase yours from a reputable manufacturer.


The Comfort of Knowing You’re Sleeping on Natural Mattresses

For ages past people have been sleeping on all types of materials. The richer you were/are, the better quality sleep you will get, due to the better sleeping surface. In recent decades, many innovations have come along that promise a uniquely comfortable sleeping experience because of the use of synthetic products to enhance the mattress. Today, however, many are rejecting these ideas in favor of getting back to nature.
Sleeping on natural materials doesn’t have to be as uncomfortable as sleeping on the grass out under the stars. There are many natural mattresses that are made with purely natural materials that provide an extremely high level of comfort. It doesn’t take a manmade product to provide comfort; in some things, Mother Nature knows best.
Some of the materials used in natural mattresses are just what you might expect, cotton and wool in varying qualities. Another popular natural product used is latex. All of these natural products are easy on the skin and don’t contain the chemicals that many new mattresses do that can release unpleasant odors that take a long time to go away.
Of course, there are benefits to the mattresses made with unnatural materials as well. However, you can’t be sure exactly what effect breathing in those fumes and sleeping on the materials will have on you. There is just no way of knowing. On the other hand, it is certain that natural products are much less likely to cause any sort of irritation or side effects.

Natural mattresses
Many of the large name mattress manufacturers offer a wide range of products to meet the needs of every type of customer. These days, as more people are becoming interested in returning to nature and using renewable sources for their products, the demand for natural products, including natural mattresses has increased, and companies have responded to this need.
However, you don’t just want to go out and buy the first natural mattress you can find. Do some research into the different types and combinations that are available. If you want a mattress with qualities similar to memory foam, go for a natural latex mattress, but make sure it’s a good quality one.

Natural mattress
For those looking for the most natural of natural products, an organic natural mattress will certainly fit the bill! Any materials used in the making of this type of mattress will have been organically grown, without the use of any type of chemicals. The treating of the materials during its processing will also be done in the most natural way possible.
In order to get a good night’s rest you need to be comfortable. For some, comfort isn’t only a matter of the soft or firmness of the surface on which you sleep, but on the materials that surface is made from. Knowing that you are sleeping on a natural product can bring more than one type of comfort!